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Proposition 8, by depriving same-sex couples of the right to marry, denies them the dignity, respect and stature accorded similarly situated opposite-sex couples under state law.
The Obama Administration files a brief, signed by Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, urging the Supreme Court to strike down California’s Prop 8.


The EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation traces its beginnings to EDEN San Francisco Pride Weekend which started in 2009.  EDEN Pride Weekend was the brainchild of Christine De La Rosa aka Miz Chris and has been continuously one of the largest attended events for women and their allies since its inception

In 2012, the EDEN Team decided to form EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) (currently pending) to benefit LGBTQ Youth in the Greater Bay Area.  All EDEN events including EDEN’s large SF Pride Weekend event held every year will benefit the Foundation with 100% of the proceeds going to fund the Foundation’s initiatives.

The mission of the EDEN LGBTQ Youth Foundation is to serve as a community, cultural and funding source for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer youth in the Greater Bay Area through grants, scholarships and initiatives.

Monies raised during the Foundation’s signature week, as well as through individual and corporate donations, go directly to educate, empower and foster the LGBTQ Youth communities throughout the Greater Bay Area.

Looks like this will be a great resource for LGBTQ youth in the Bay!

Watch Silicon Valley Chapter 1 on PBS. See more from American Experience.

PBS’s “Silicon Valley" documents the origins of California’s technological frontier, giving insight into the entrepreneurial drama and genius of its eight original explorers: 

"On [a] morning in 1957, none of the eight likely had any idea what would happen next.

The coining of the phrase “Silicon Valley” was more than 10 years in the future. The unique business culture with which the place would come to be associated — openness over hierarchy, risk over stability, innovation over the tried-and-true — had still to be tested. And the integrated circuit — the revolutionary technology that would usher in a new era in human history — had yet to be invented. That morning, the future Silicon Valley was just a speck on the map — and a most unexpected place for the Information Age to begin.”

Capital appreciation bonds worth $9 billion will end up costing taxpayers $36 billion. Some school districts use this type of financing to avoid state limit on property taxes. Voters often are unaware of repayment costs when bond measures are approved.
The Bay Citizen looks at the cost to taxpayers because of California public schools and the loans that build them.  

How does California rank when measuring state elections performance?

A new interactive Pew study visualizes the Elections Performance Index (EPI) using data from 17 indicators (including voter turnout, data completeness, voter registration rate, etc.) to compare elections administration policy and effectiveness. 

The Pew research has a couple surprises for California: 

  • California’s voter turnout rate was less than half its population— only 45.1% in 2010, which was significantly below the state’s average turnout rate of the previous 30 years (57.9%, according to The Daily Beast)
  • In 2010, California ranked as the 4th lowest state, with an EPI of 48%

The Central Coast, with its real and symbolic proximity to California’s Central Valley — the home of the farm labor movement — has attracted a new generation of progressives that today are looking to tackle some of the new or persistent challenges facing women, youth, and minorities.

Looking at the speaker and sponsor lineup, I see that many of those folks are represented at this year’s festival. The Festival — with its emerging global reach driven largely by social media and its roving event schedule — gives these new leaders a larger platform in the international community of 21st-century activists and influencers.

Women Ascend in Central California, an opinion piece in Forbes on the symbolism of the 2013 International Women’s Festival location.


Mission District of San Francisco

(via casluzdele)

But let’s take a look at what’s already happened to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems: 

  • the state gives the UC system 44% less money than it did in 1990
  • the CSUs have capped freshmen enrollment numbers
  • yet a record number of students applied to the University of California’s 10 campuses for next fall
  • Governor Brown’s proposed increases STILL leave schools with $625 million less than they were given in 2007

Doesn’t this track record really speak for itself? 


So God Made a (Latino) Farmer


One of the most popular ads during the Super Bowl was for the Dodge Ram. The spot took a 1978 speech by the late Paul Harvey and played it against images of American farmers.

Something was missing though. We let Latino Rebels take it away:

Do you notice anything about the farmers being featured in the commercial?

Yeah, 100% Americana. An America that seems to be stuck in another time. Last time we checked, the commercial overlooked a few other farmers, the over 3 million workers who contribute to the country’s $28+ billion fruit and vegetable industry. Or what about the fact that “the majority (72%) of all farmworkers were foreign-born, with 68 percent of all farmworkers were born in Mexico?” We are guessing that displaying the REAL FACE of farming in the United States would that have been way too uncomfortable to show? By the way, we know you showed only two Latino faces for a second, but that didn’t cut it, Chrysler. 

So, a remake is in order. Doing so above is the award winning investigative reporter Issac Cubillos

Power to more accurate ethno-cultural representations in mass media advertising. 

I got a Visitor’s Pass and, along with a few other visitors, stepped into a gated area surrounded by an electrified fence topped off with barbed wire. A guard in a watchtower buzzed into another very tiny area, where he waited for the first gate to shut behind us, and then opened the second gate.

Then began the quarter-mile walk towards the visitation room. I was impressed at the speed with which the woman with the six-inch heels was walking. She beat most of us of the dozen or so visitors to the waiting area.

We laid our passes and ID on the counter and waiting for another CO to look at them. By this point, it was about 8:40. As we waited, I struck up a conversation with the mother of a young man sentenced to life for a botched burglary/homicide related to drug trafficking. We chatted about about the dress code for visitors, such as the “no underwire bra” rule for women. “I had to buy a new bra to visit my son,” she said. “I call it my ‘prison bra.’

Oakland Voices reporter and teacher Debora Gordon visits a former student at Kern Valley State Prison and documents her experience